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The company DIARCHON S.A. ENGINEERING DESIGN AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS was founded in 1997 evolving from smaller companies which they have originated from the individual practices of its main shareholders that began their professional activities in 1980.

Today the company is 33 years old and has a rich history. Its dynamic personnel and colleagues, as well as its cumulative experience, renders it capable of providing completed services of high quality standards of a wide spectrum, within a philosophy of action, in which the care of the client and the quality of the project is the cornerstone of the company.

In addition, as a result of this, over the last few years a series of building developments have been created within the area of Attiki as well as in the surrounding regions, proving adequately the fore mentioned quality in the Architectural conception and in the construction (ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE STARCITY-SYNGROU AVENUE, ATHENS HEART, BUILDING DEVELOPMENT-ATTIKI ODOS, RESIDENTIAL HOUSING DEVELOPMENT-KIFISSIA, FACTORY PRODUCING POLYPROPYLENE-KOMOTIN etc.}

Simultaneously to a constantly increasing spectrum of clientele, relationship characterised by cooperation and trust is established which guarantees the future development of the company.


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